Hi Everybody!

I really appreaciate how you all went above and beyond the "call of duty" to care for Mom.  The employees of Olivia Village should be commended.


Dear Heidi,

(4) Thank you for your note to me reporting on Betty's new room.  I appreciate your keeping contact with me as I am so happy to know she is well taken cared of.

(3) So nice talking with you on the phone today and again my sincere thanks for the wonderful care you are giving my sister.

(2) Really enjoyed hearing from you and so happy to hear that Betty is feeling good.  Give her a hug for me and tell her I love her.

(1) Thanks again for your excellent care of Betty.  I love her dearly and know she is in good hands.  Also happy to hear she is getting adjusted.


Jean Zachardo

Dear Heidi,


Our family is very saddened by this as we felt your facility was the best place for Dad and your staff is tremendous - we grew to love them all.  No words could ever thank them for all they did to please Dad and keep him safe...

Again, thank you all - we will highly recommend your facility to anyone who needs care.


The entire William Carson Family

Dear Heidi, Fred, and Staff,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful care that you gave my mother, Verna Nearhoof.  Your facility is warm and cozy just like home.  Mom loved it there and everyone who helped her.   Your meals were outstanding.  Heidi, I was glad you and your facility were there to aide Mom in her time of need and would recommend Olivia Village to any who is in need of assisted living.   Your professional health advice, actions, and friendship were beneficial to mom’s health and well-being.  As I would go to work, I know she was in good hands residing at Olivia Village.   Thank you again to you and your staff.


Cindy J. Bryan

Dear Heidi,

Our friendship began quite awhile back when we were searching for a safe, good home to put my mother-in-law, Angie, who was dying from cancer.  It was obvious when we first met you and Fred that we were where God wanted Angie to be and we had to look no further.  Your compassion and sincerity were so genuine that your main goal was to give the best quality care in a family atmosphere home where loved ones could feel safe, loved and happy.  Angie came to love it there and felt at home and safe to the very end.  Our friendship grew even after Angie passed away and we shared in seeing your lifetime dream come true in the conception of "Olivia Village ".  Yours and Fred’s determination and will power never wavered thru all the struggles and obstacles you had to conquer thru all the labor pains of this adventure.  Every inch of your "home" is part of your heart and soul that you poured into it.  You and Fred put all you had into this dream of making others happy, safe and healthy.   The caregivers must meet your ideals of qualified and friendly personalities.  Yours is a "one of a kind home", like none we have ever seen.  You hand-picked the location and beautiful surroundings so your residents could see nature in peace and quiet while being surrounded by new friends, loving caregivers and family members sharing in all the decisions and activities their loved ones enjoy.  "Family" is what you had in mind thru all the planning of your dream come true. 

Olivia Village is every family's dream come true when looking for a family atmosphere for their loved ones when they need care away from home.

Joyce and Chuck Labor

In December 2006 my Mother's doctor told me her organs were shutting down and there was nothing more can be done for her. Later that month she moved into Olivia Village.  It is now the spring of 2011 and she is doing fine for her age.  In fact she recently celebrated her 93rd birthday.  This is a testament to the care and attention she gets here.  She enjoys the weekly Sunday services.  She enjoys the bingo games.  Lately she talks a lot about bowling on Wii™. 


My mother has been a resident at Olivia Village for 15 months.  My mother-in-law had been a resident at Olivia Village shortly after it had opened, and was there for almost a year, so I was well aware of what the "residence" was like.  When it became apparent that my sister and I would have to seriously consider alternative living conditions for our mom, Olivia Village was the first on the list. 

On two separate occasions, the staff had noticed a change in her over a period of five hours.  Both times, they notified me and had her transported to the hospital.  The first time resulted in emergency surgery, and the second time was a reaction to a medication.  Both times the staff picked up on a problem where her health was at risk.  The constant 24 hour surveillance is of the utmost importance to us.

The meals are nutritious and her eating habits have improved immensely.  A Hairstylist has recently added her services, and a Podiatrist comes once a month to check the residents. 

Olivia Village gives us peace of mind in the care of our mom.


When looking for a place for our Mother we visited many local places. One of our visits was to Olivia Village. Just walking into the lobby I knew this was the ideal place for our Mother. It is a down to earth, home like setting and very personable. The rooms are bright and cheery; the sitting rooms have nice views. In the summer time they can sit outside on the porch. Heidi and Fred the owners, are so nice and helpful. The staff is sweet to my Mother, which is very comforting to me. My sisters and myself could not have picked a better HOME and I mean an extended family for our Mother.

Janet Miller


I want to let you know how grateful we are to have you and Fred to help us out.  Janet found Olivia Village for us.  It was the right place for our Mother.  As you know, Mom is not an outgoing person.  After Dad passed away, she would stay in the house or sit on the porch, which is why Olivia Village is the right place.  It is home to her.  You don’t know how much this means to us that we don’t have to worry about her.  We can’t thank you enough for what you have done.

I want to thank you, Fred, and your staff for everything you are doing for our Mother.  We couldn’t have done it without you.

God Bless and thanks again,


My mother has been a resident of Olivia Village for more than 3 years now and has adjusted quite well with the help of staff members.  Olivia Village is a very beautiful place, very inviting and not over crowded.  Food is very good.  Rooms are very spacious.  Nurses are very helpful to me and my brother.  We take pride in saying that Olivia Village has been one of the better facilities we have seen and we are surely pleased with the care and services it offers. 

There has never been a question from me or from my brother about our mother’s care at Olivia Village.


After three years of acting as a caretaker for my aging parents and attempts to keep them in their own home with the help of visiting agencies, it became necessary to seek a residential placement as my Mother’s dementia progressed.  I was extremely lucky to find Olivia Village within a mile of their home.  While I had passed this beautiful country facility daily on the way to my teaching job, I had never paid attention to it.  But in the fall of 2006, it became imperative to find a residential assisted living placement for my Mother for her own safety.  While this was the most difficult decision I have ever been a part of, Heidi and Fred Aguillo, the owners, were able to ease this transition for my parents who had never been separated in 62 years of marriage.

The handicapped accessible room close to the nursing staff suited my Mother’s needs perfectly and my Father was welcome to spend as much time as he wanted with Mother.  Eventually it became more practical for him to become a resident as well.  While there is no place like home, Olivia Village became a second home to my parents, and thus, for my children, my siblings, and their children.  We were always welcome to visit, to join in holiday meals and celebrations, sit out on the patio, play the piano and sing with the residents, or take my Mom and Dad out for appointments and shopping.  The staff was helpful and became all our friends.  We never worried that our parents’ needs were not being met.  Heidi made sure medical problems were assessed and properly supervised and that Mom and Dad were always comfortable.  I spent many, many hours at Olivia Village and I observed the loving atmosphere that was provided to all the residents, not just my parents.

My Father passed away at Olivia Village in March 2007.  He did not feel well early one morning and lay back down and died peacefully.  Since my Father was a veteran of WWII and had fought in the Philippines, he and Fred developed a special relationship.  At my Dad’s funeral, Fred gave the most beautiful eulogy and I will never forget his kind words.  Mother continued to live there until she died in January 2009.  As you can see, our relationship with Heidi and Fred has been a long one.

If you seek a safe and loving assisted living residence for your loved one, I can highly recommend Olivia Village to you.

L. Snyder

Olivia Village provided a wonderful home for my elderly friend.  Whenever it was no longer safe for her to live alone we chose Olivia Village.  She has no family in the area and the residents and staff at Olivia Village became her family.  The private bedroom still provided her with her own space, but the living and dining rooms gave her a connecting place with her friends and she spent most of her time with them.  With the smaller number of residents, the owners and staff got to know her personally.  They genuinely cared for her and loved her.


Dear Heidi,

Olivia Village was a real blessing in our lives.  We found the care to be excellent.  The workers were all very caring people, the facility was beautiful and well-maintained, and the food was well-planned and carefully prepared.  I felt that the balance between allowing privacy and personal choice and providing sensitive supervision was excellent.  Thank you for being there for my mother.



Dear Heidi,

My sister and I were very concerned about placing our mother in a home or assisted living facility.  Mom was a very private person.  I talked with several people who had or previously had parents at Olivia Village.  All the reports were very good!

We were surprised how quickly Mom adapted.  Although she always had desire to move back home, she seemed to enjoy life at Olivia Village.  After almost a year, we were able to move her into the Veterans facility to be with her husband.  When he passed away after her move, we considered moving her back to Olivia Village.  However, her declining health made it necessary to keep her where she was because it was also a medical facility.

When someone asks, we always have good thoughts to say about Olivia Village, particularly the caring staff.



As a member of the staff, I have to say that Olivia Village is the most beautiful facility I’ve ever worked at.

We at Olivia are all about our residents, meeting their everyday needs and giving them the respect they deserve in a very home-like atmosphere with breathtaking views of the mountains no matter which of the three wings (although we prefer to call them “neighborhoods”) you are viewing from.  In the fall, we often catch a glimpse of deer in the fields.

We enjoy activities such as the Wii™ games, bingo, crafts, and church services.  We celebrate birthdays and holidays with our residents.  At Olivia Village, we are family and there is nothing more important than family because we all know that it comes first.  Here at Olivia Village, Family is what we are.


My mother entered Olivia Village in October of 2008 for what we had hoped would be only a temporary stay until her doctors got her medications down to a maintenance level, and then our hope was that she could return home. After 5 months it was clear that this temporary situation was transforming into a permanent one. In June of 2009, mom was hospitalized and was in and out of the hospital for complications due to COPD. In August mom was released from the hospital under hospice care. Heidi, Fred and their staff all bent over backwards to try to make a return to Olivia Village possible with hospice care, even though mom was no longer able to get out of bed. After about a month, mom was stabilized, and Heidi made arrangements for physical therapy for mom to try to improve her condition. She and her staff worked closely with me almost daily to try to get treatments applied that would assist mom. Mom stabilized, but she was never able to get out of bed. In October of 2010 we had to move her to skilled nursing care.

Mom paid Olivia Village to care for her, which they did very well. But the management and staff at Olivia Village loved her as well, and she loved them back. In today's day and time, it is uncommon to find such dedication to care for those who can no longer care for themselves. The communication, follow-up and constant trying of new things to improve mom's situation went well beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend Olivia Village to anyone for this difficult transition for loved ones. I truly had the sense that the management, staff and residents were an extended family to me during this difficult two years. I cannot imagine going through it without them.

Walter McVey

Our journey to Olivia Village started years ago, long before it was Heidi’s dream, Fred’s computer and accounting challenge, and their sons’ family project. 

Without my realizing it, the trip actually began as I watched my grandmother grow old in the comfort of her own home.  My mom was her loyal caregiver.  Grammy made the process look easy.  Most likely it was her love of God, humanity, and her respect of self, as God would will it, that helped her to maintain her outlook on life.  The daily attention of her family was certainly of great value, too.  I wanted that for the others in my family who would age into a need for a shared living arrangement.

Next, I watched my aunt grow old.  She spent ninety-two years in her own home.  Her independence was spawned out of the same faith of her mother and the will that helped her survive three miscarriages, a still-birth, and polio.  I’m convinced that our prayers got her through those days of living alone.

Then the time finally came.  A hospital stay and time in physical rehabilitation did not offer sufficient recovery for her to return to her home.  She needed personal care.  Frankly, I knew this wasn’t going to be easy.  My aunt weighed a pound for each year of her life, but they were 92 pounds of feisty independence.  Yes, the independence that had helped her to survive, was about to bring her (and me) the greatest challenge. 

Olivia Village was then a short drive from the community in which she lived.  It was recommended.  My first meeting with Heidi was positive.  It was obvious that the facility was created from a dream and a passion.  It would seem that her career had already offered her sufficient reward, but Heidi welcomed the challenge of taking care of the elderly.

“They are my babies”, she said.

It soon became apparent that the staff had been selected because of their equal dedication to, patience for, and respect of our elderly.  The facility was clean and cozy.  Heidi is a RN.  Perfect.

My aunt viewed it as short-term which made the initial transition a bit easier, but when mini-strokes and signs of dementia became more prevalent, reality ruled even in her declining mind.  Every effort was made to allow her as much independence as was safely possible.  Her past hobbies and interests were learned so that conversation with her could be focused on those areas.  My input to the staff was respected.  We talked and planned as a family.  Even in the midst of a crisis, we planned.  I will not forget the early morning cell phone conversation when Heidi used her experience and degree to guide me through a decision for my aunt in the ER, the results of which could not be guaranteed by the doctors.

Then, I saw the decline in my mom’s physical and mental health.  Mom was a bit more private than her mother and her sister.  A happy inhabitant of her smaller home in Tyrone, PA, she was not interested in changing her lifestyle.  She was adamant that she would not leave the area to enter my world 90 minutes away.  It seemed logical that she would join her sister at Olivia, but even adult sisters have their differences, I learned, and after several room changes which Heidi and Fred cheerfully approved and personally facilitated, my mom and my aunt each had their personal space. 

During their residency I was also offered my personal space in the Village.   That was especially welcoming to me one bitterly cold and snowy January evening.  I returned to my mom’s house after being with her at the hospital during her final illness to find that her furnace was not working.  I knocked on the door of Olivia Village long after “lights out” and I was taken in.

I’d have to say that my grandma was the lucky one.  However, lifetimes have been extended, attitudes and traditions have changed.  The job market has scattered families.  We trust that God is in the midst of it all and we do the best that we can.  I’m thankful that our journey passed through Olivia Village.


Olivia Village was home to both of my parents several years prior to their deaths and they both did consider it their home in their later years when they needed help with day-to-day living.  My friends came to think of Heidi and Fred as family due to the kindness and care they offered while helping them maintain some dignity.

My children and I always felt welcome at Olivia and any requests we had were graciously met.  The facility is clean and pleasantly decorated.  Since I didn’t live locally, I especially appreciated being able to spend quality time with my parents.  Admitting a parent to an assisted living residence is a tough decision but places such as Olivia Village help adult children to have a peace of mind.


As a Registered Nurse and the Assistant Director of Nursing in a Long Term Care facility I felt so blessed to find the loving care of everyone at Olivia Village when my father developed Alzheimer’s disease.  I was able to sleep at night for the first time in several years and enjoy him in the daytime.  He blossomed in the structured atmosphere because he got his medications regularly, good nutritious meals, exercise and fresh air when the weather was good, and most of all, love and support.

As you know Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disease that causes the decline in a person’s ability to perform his/her daily tasks.  The staff at Olivia Village kept Dad looking great even when we had to deal with his inability to feed himself and incontinence.  To me, that was so important because he was always very particular about his appearance.

I also appreciated all of the activities that were available to him.  Church was always a big part of his life and he could still sing the hymns up until the end.

Olivia Village is one of God’s gifts to anyone who has a loved one who needs twenty-four hour care!


Barbara Cartwright

Olivia Village —when you no longer are able to live alone, then come to us at Olivia Village .  Staffed by qualified, caring people, you quickly become part of a new family.  Our mother enjoyed the home-cooked meals in the family dining room, and she certainly enjoyed all the personal attention she received.  Our family is extremely grateful that Olivia Village helped us care for our mother.

Virginia S.

Dear Heidi, Fred, and Staff,

Words cannot express our joy and appreciation.  I thank you so much for the love and care you gave to mother and Jack and I sincerely thank you for your generosity.



Dear Heidi,

I would like to thank Olivia Village for taking such great care for my friend, Betty Kaup.

The staff took wonderful care of Betty and she was glad to be there.  They were extremely nice and helpful to Betty and me when I went there for a visit.  If I were there at meal time I was asked to stay and eat with Betty and her friends there which I did.  It was enjoyable!

Olivia Village made me feel like family and I was glad to know Betty was in good care.



Dear Heidi, Fred, and Staff,

Thank you so much for the extra care given to my mother.  You made her last days so pleasant for her.  Olivia Village is a special place because of your love for every resident.

G. Wayne

Dear Heidi and Staff,

I had peace of mind to know that mom had the very best.  She was treated like family and so were we when we came to visit and have meals there.  You have the very best place anyone would want to be.  I cannot say enough nice things about Olivia Village and the employees.  You care and that is what makes it work.  We have not and never will forget you guys.  You are what love is all about.



Dear Heidi, Fred and Staff,

I just wanted to take this opportunity on behalf of my sister Saundra, my brother Gary and myself to express our sincerest gratitude for the care and attention our mother received while she was living at Olivia Village .  I truly believe as do my sister and brother that it had not been for her moving into your facility we would certainly have lost her much sooner than we did.  There was such a miraculous change in her after she came into your care. There is no way to measure our thanks to you and your staff.  Before moving in, she had quit caring about almost everything she enjoyed in her life.  There was no spark left and we all sensed that mother had given up and wanted her life to be over.

After moving to Olivia Village she once again took an interest on things and had her vitality for life restored.  To witness this transformation is testimony enough to the truly wonderful way you treated mother day in and day out.  You coupled the best of care with an unparalleled sense of caring.  As a family, we could have put mother anywhere and received reasonable care but the one thing that no amount of money can purchase is people who are not only providing care but most of all people who care. 

If there is an opportunity for Saundra, Gary or me to provide a testimonial or other means of helping you and Olivia Village prosper we will be more than happy to do so.  I could only hope that others in need of assisted living accommodations will have the opportunity to see and experience firsthand the standards of care and caring you have set.  The homiest environment with the best care and people that care can only be a recipe for future success.

From all the three of us we wish nothing but the best in the years to come and our undying loyalty and gratitude for the quality of life you gave to our mother.

Very truly yours,

Terry Sensor