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Olivia Village has a profound commitment in providing a home that echoes the space and freedom that our residents enjoy. We always make sure that we provide our residents with quality personal care services. We encourage independence without compromising our residents' safety.  Also, with the help of our competent staff who are directly trained by the Owner/Administrator, our residents can fully enjoy the benefits of living in a home filled with love and belongingness.

As a matter of fact, the following are some excerpts from testimonies from the family members and friends who have experienced life here Olivia Village:

"Olivia Village is every family's dream come true when looking for a family atmosphere for their loved ones when they need care away from home."

“She enjoys the weekly Sunday services.  She enjoys the bingo games.  Lately she talks a lot about bowling on Wii™.”

“The meals are nutritious and her eating habits have improved immensely.”

“It is a down to earth, home like setting and very personable. The rooms are bright and cheery; the sitting rooms have nice views. In the summer time they can sit outside on the porch.”

Olivia Village is the right place.  It is home to her.”

Olivia Village is a very beautiful place, very inviting and not over crowded.  Food is very good.  Rooms are very spacious.  Nurses are very helpful to me and my brother.”

“I spent many, many hours at Olivia Village and I observed the loving atmosphere that was provided to all the residents, not just my parents.”

“The private bedroom still provided her with her own space, but the living and dining rooms gave her a connecting place with her friends…”

Olivia Village was a real blessing in our lives.”

“I talked with several people who had or previously had parents at Olivia Village .  All the reports were very good!  We were surprised how quickly Mom adapted.”

“As a member of the staff, I have to say that Olivia Village is the most beautiful facility I’ve ever worked at.”

Olivia Village is your home away from home.”

“…the management and staff at Olivia Village loved her as well, and she loved them back. In today's day and time, it is uncommon to find such dedication to care for those who can no longer care for themselves. The communication, follow-up and constant trying of new things to improve mom's situation went well beyond my expectations.”

“…lifetimes have been extended, attitudes and traditions have changed.  The job market has scattered families.  We trust that God is in the midst of it all and we do the best that we can.  I’m thankful that our journey passed through Olivia Village .”

“Since I didn’t live locally, I especially appreciated being able to spend quality time with my parents.”

Olivia Village is one of God’s gifts to anyone who has a loved one who needs twenty-four hour care!”

“Staffed by qualified, caring people, you quickly become part of a new family.”

Olivia Village made me feel like family and I was glad to know Betty was in good care.”

Olivia Village is a special place because of your love for every resident.”

“I had peace of mind to know that mom had the very best.”

“After moving to Olivia Village she once again took an interest on things and had her vitality for life restored.”

If you have additional concerns that you would like us to help you with, you may send us a message or you may call us at - (814) 684-1005.

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